Sphere of Šamaš

Sphere of Šamaš

Šamaš is lord of the sun, of all things of justice, of mortality, and of truth and through his healing powers the great physician brings life into the land. He teaches the art of exorcism, of healing, and of shining light into the darkness. (Black et al. 182-184)

His sign: 𒀭𒌓

This is his holy symbol: 

(Becker 283)

Astrological Domain: Sun

Laymen of Lord Šamaš:

Adoration of Šamaš:

I greet thee, Šamaš, great physician, as you cut your way through the mountain, as you mount your winged chariot and Bunene takes flight, may your light shine! Hail Šamaš, who brings life to the plants and shines his light over the Earth. Šamaš be praised! Šamaš stands at the gates of Kur with Sherida at his side. Tammuz and Ningizada open the gates for the great judge to enter! Hail Šamaš, who brings justice! Šamaš, divine judge of the dead, who holds court for those who have passed, who keeps the eṭemmu in line, divine Šamaš, may your verdict be just. May your judgement be swift and just oh Lord of Light! Šamaš be praised! Šamaš, great lord of the healing light, divine lord who travels the heavens daily, I call to you that you might see my devotion. I call to you that you might bless me with your healing light and bring judgement upon my enemies. Šamaš be praised!