Sphere of Nabū

Sphere of Nabū

Nabū is the lord of writing.

His sign: 𒀭𒀝

This is his holy symbol:

Astrological Domain: Mercury

Nabū is the Babylonian god of writing.

Laymen of Lord Nabū:

Adoration of Nabū:

To my lord Nabū, yo the merciful one, to the helper, to the one who forgives, whose attribute it is to pardon quickly, say secondly; As to his name, he is called by a magnificent name, from his mother’s womb onwards his fate is a good fate, to him say for a third time: My mighty well-disposed master, a lord, whose word is truth, you are. Thus say I, a reverent servant, who is very anxious about your word and day and night before god and goddess occupied with prayers to you, your servant: Now, my lord, you are asking for me, therefore I will tell my lord the difficulties that faced me. (Streck et al. SEAL no. 1647)