Sphere of Marduk

Sphere of Marduk

Marduk is the lord of the gods and the patron god of Babylon.

His sign: 𒀭𒀫𒌓

This is his holy symbol:

(Black et al.)

Astrological Domain: Jupiter

Laymen of Lord Marduk:

Adoration of Marduk:

At the mention of his name we shall bow down! The gods are here to pay heed to what he says: His command is to have priority above and below. The son who avenged us shall be the highest! His rule shall have priority; let him have no rival! Let him act as shepherd over the black-headed people, his creation. Let his way be proclaimed in future days, never forgotten. He shall establish great nindabû-offerings for his fathers. He shall take care of them, he shall look after their shrines. He shall let them smell the qutrinnu-offering, and make their chant joyful. Let him breathe on earth as freely as he always does in heaven. Let him designate the people to revere him, that mankind may be mindful of him, and name him as their god. Let their interceding goddess pay attention when he opens his mouth. Let nindabû-offerings be brought to their god and their goddess. Let them never be forgotten! Let them cleave to their god. Let them keep their country pre-eminent, and always build shrines. Though, the people share out the gods, as for us, no matter which name we call him, he shall be our god. (Dalley 264)