Sphere of Ištar

Sphere of Ištar

Ištar is queen of heaven and earth. She rules all things of liminality, of sexuality, of love, of beauty, of sexual intercourse, of gender, and of warfare. She teaches of wisdom, of justice and of political power. (Black et al. 108-109)

Her sign: 𒀭𒈹

This is her holy symbol:

(Becker 283)

Astrological Domain: Venus

Laymen of Queen Ištar:

Adoration of Ištar:

Hail Ištar, great one on the horizon! Thou art my great mistress, my divine guide, my secret divine lover! Ištar be praised! Let thine work in the world be done through me! Let there be no part of me not given wholey up unto thine work! Use me oh splendorous one, whose beauty is the envy of the gods! Ištar be praised! Thou art gentle and thou art just, oh lady of the heavens! Thou art severe and thou art demanding, oh great one who crosses the stars! Your glory is unmatched among the divine! Ištar be praised! Your love is like precious stones! Your warfare is like the sharpest blade! Your eyes shine down like a polished stone of lapis lazuli! Ištar be praised! You are my counsel, my muse, my introspection. My work is for you, oh wonderful sister of the heavens! There is nothing for you I wouldn’t give! Ištar be praised! Take me, make me yours, I surrender myself to you, oh lady! You are the beauty of the stars, my goddess! Ištar be praised!