Kaltappû Kallâmāri

Kaltappû Kallâmāri

Title Translation: “Golden Dawn” (Lauffenburger)

The following are a few rituals designed to be functional replacements for common Golden Dawn and Thelemic rituals set in the Mesopotamian modality. They are included here because I have found them to be immensely useful in my own practice and they therefore may be useful in yours as well. While constructed with components taken from Mesopotamian history, the rituals themselves have no direct historical basis, which is why they have been included here rather than the main text. Whether you decide to include them in your own practice or not is up to you.


Emru Kakkabu

Hašmān Kakkabu

Document of Praise to Utu

The Anki Pillar Exercise

The Ritual of Weila

A Mesopotamian Astral Temple

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