New FAQ:

What is the Ekur?

𒂍𒆳 e2-kur “mountain house” – the name given in Sumerian to Enlil’s temple in Nippur.

In a lot of ways, the Ekur served as the central temple to the Sumerian gods and provided resources to the temples of other gods. In fact, there are many Sumerian myths which tell the tales of various gods making their journey to Nippur to visit the temple. We have renamed our organization Ekur in honor of the importance of the Ekur temple to the ancient Sumerians as a cultural center. It is our hope to provide a kind of center of resources for Sumerians of all kinds.

The intention of this website is as a resource for Sumerian reconstructionist ceremonial magicians intended as a supplement for the Temple of Sumer. While there is by no means any explicit requirements to make use of this material, this material is designed with members of the Temple of Sumer in mind.